for Users of Presail

1 Service provider

Presail is delivered by the Norwegian registered company Datablock AS (“Datablock”).

2 Users

These Terms of service are applicable to any person or company wishing to make an investment and/or contribution to companies and/or projects using Presail (“User”).

3 The service

Presail is a platform that facilitates management of investments for companies, projects and investors in Web 3.0. Presail is a platform that:

  • facilitates “Know your customer” identity verifications,
  • communicates information about companies and projects seeking investors,
  • facilitates investments and/or contributions in/to companies and/or projects, and
  • provides an overview of investments/contributions.

Presail is a facilitating service and does not include offering investment opportunities, providing financial advice or providing payment services.

4 Fee

For Users, it is free to use Presail.

5 Personal Data

To get information about how your personal data is handled when using Presail, see our Privacy Policy.

6 User profile

6.1 When making an investment/contribution using Presail, Presail will create a user profile containing information about your e-mail address, user name, digital wallet number, public information from your digital wallet and additional information provided when making an investment/contribution (if relevant).

6.2 Users must be at least 18 years old in order to make an investment/contribution using Presail. It is not permitted to make investments/contributions on behalf of others using Presail.

7 “Know your customer” identity verifications (KYC)

7.1 Some companies/projects might require you to do a “Know your customer” identity verification, before making investments/contributions to their company/project. These requirements are made by the company/project and not by Datablock. If you carry out a “Know your customer” identity verification, the information you provide (e.g. copy of ID document, photo, name, birth date, nationality, verification photo/video) will be stored by Datablock on behalf of the company/project. The company/project requiring such verification will have access to that information.

7.2 Provided you have given your consent, the information you provide in a “Know your customer” identity verification process may be used by other companies/projects who require “Know your customer” identity verification, if and when making investments/contributions to their company/project using Presail.

8 Intellectual property rights

8.1 Presail.com and its related software are the intellectual property of and are owned by Datablock (and its licensors, where applicable). These Terms of service do not grant Users any intellectual property rights whatsoever in the website or its related software.

8.2 Datablock respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects Users to do the same. It is not permitted to use or post any materials that infringe the copyrights of others using Presail.

9 Termination of service

Infringements of these Terms of service are cause for termination of service.

10 Disclaimers

10.1 Presail is provided on an as-is and as-available basis. You agree that your use of Presail will be at your sole risk.

10.2 If you make investments/contributions in/to companies and/or projects using Presail, this is a matter between you and the company/project. Presail is not liable for any information provided by a company/project nor any outcome of investments/contributions.

11 Change of these Terms

These Terms of service might be revised from time to time for reasons such as a technical development, a change in business operations, new or amended or discontinued features or due to a change in applicable laws. Users should visit this page periodically to view the current Terms of service, because they are binding for Users.

12 Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms of service are governed by the laws of Norway and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Norway.